Nuevas ‘versiones’ de Visual Studio 2019

Pues eso… con fecha de anteayer 2 de marzo, hay nuevas versiones de Visual Studio 2019, tanto para la versión final: v16.9.0 como para la preview: v16.10 Preview 1.0.

Este es un extracto de las novedades de .NET Productivity de la versión 16.9.0:
He resaltado las que, a mí me, parecen más interesantes.

.NET Productivity (versión final v16.9.0)

  • There is now IntelliSense completion for preprocessor symbols.
  • Solution Explorer now displays the new .NET 5.0 Source Generators.
  • Go To All won’t display duplicate results across netcoreapp3.1 and netcoreapp2.0.
  • Quick Info now displays compiler warning IDs or numbers for suppressions.
  • Using directives will now automatically get added when copying and pasting types to a new file.
  • IntelliSense completion will now automatically insert a semicolon as a commit character for object creation and method completion.
  • Semantic colorization for C# 9.0 records.
  • Refactoring that removes unnecessary discards.
  • Refactoring that converts a verbatim and regular string to an interpolated string preserving curly braces that were intended to go in the output.
  • Code fix in Visual Basic that removes the shared keyword when you convert methods that are shared to a module.
  • A refactoring that suggests using new(…) in non-contentious scenarios
  • A code fix that removes redundant equality expressions for both C# and Visual Basic
  • The .NET Code Style (IDE) analyzers can now be enforced on build
  • The Syntax Visualizer shows the current foreground color for enhanced colors
  • A new tooltip when hovering over the diagnostic ID for pragma warnings
  • When you type the return key from within a comment the new line is now automatically commented out
  • Inline parameter name hints enhancements
  • .NET Core Debugging with WSL 2

Para la versión preview… pues… mejor lo miras en la página de información publicada por la gente de Microsoft.

Nos vemos.

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